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Storm Update

The snow is piling up here at CDNews World Headquarters.  I’d say we’ve got a good 3 inches added to what was still on the ground from Thursday.  The flakes are really tiny – very different from the big fluffy ones we had earlier in the week.  But the coolest part is how bright it is outside.  Even on the part of our block that has a yet-to-be-fixed street light, the lights from up the street and on front porches bounce off of every surface and light up the whole area.

Of course the wind part of the storm appears to be way behind schedule. Our new favorite weather blog says that it’s still coming, and commenters there from east King County and West Seattle say that the winds have picked up a lot in their areas, creating blizzard conditions in some cases.

So hang on tight, enjoy the pretty sights out the window, and keep a pile of blankets handy next to the bed in case we get any power outages overnight.

0 thoughts on “Storm Update

  1. Theres what sounds like shots near yesler 23rd. Or firecrackers? I can’t tell the difference sometimes

  2. Definitely firecrackers. I thought they were gunshots at first, too (I’m bracing for more retaliation violence), but I looked outside and could see smoke and hear people laughing and yelling across the street from me (I live near 20th & Main).

  3. Evidently it was fireworks, with others further north too. Is there a solstice or snowstorm fireworks tradition that I’ve been missing?

    Here’s what’s been on the scanner in the last hour (it’s pretty quiet on there)

    10:02pm – Fireworks heard & seen near 23rd & E. Galer in Montlake
    10:18pm – 100 17th Ave – Family Disturbance – Step-daughter is out of control
    10:31pm – 600 E. Olive – Threat – Male outside making threats to kill people inside the Centennial House Apts
    10:35pm – 1617 Yale Ave – Noise – Loud music and people yelling outside of a bar
    10:50pm – 2000 E. Yesler – Six gunshots heard to the south. An officer said that it was fireworks.
    10:54pm – Boylston & E. Olive – A male trying to steal from a pay box. Last seen southbound on Boylston.
    11:01pm – 100 8th Ave – Caller says her boyfriend hit their 5-year old son with a TV cable. (yes, Broadstripe sux. Please don’t take it out on innocent children)
    11:04pm – 20th S & S. Main – Group of children playing with fireworks

  4. Yeah after a while the pattern was definitely that of firecrackers, just couldn’t tell at the start. Hope everyones staying warm, I’m trying to regain some energy to join the sledders on cap hill :)