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Slip Slidin’ Away

I was bound and determined to get out this afternoon.. run a few errands, a little shopping, meet up with a friend for lunch. The main streets SEEM okay (save for the enlarging puddles), but man alive, all that slush has many neighborhood roads still an E-ticket ride. Especially on the hills. I have a larger SUV with 4-wheel drive and it got a bit white-knuckle on some stretches. I almost think the slush is tougher to navigate than the snow. I think we’re still at the stage NOT to under-estimate anything. Safe travels!

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  1. Sort of the reason why I haven’t left home yet – not driving but the thought of being soaked after the walk to capitol hill does not sound enticing.

  2. I’ve been out yesterday and today. After dark, it might be above freezing, but the mounds of ice still on the road don’t quite understand yet…

  3. This was the worst day by far, as far as driving goes. In 4-wheel drive, I could barely get “up” Columbia from 23rd to 22nd. It’s crazy out there, folks. Be really careful! I’m sorry I sound like my mom… :)

  4. This was *exactly* the information I came here to find. I’m so sick of being in my apartment that I’d gnaw my own arm off to escape, but so far we are waiting for things to melt a bit more. It’s good to have solid proof that I’m not torturing myself needlessly by not going out.

    (An aside: I’ve never been snowed in for this long before. When I was living in rural PA, we got two feet of snow and were snowed in for four days, but I’ve now been stuck here for twice that. I never really “got” cabin fever before, but I think I’m starting to understand…)

    Well, we did walk places – all over the neighborhood, in fact. But knowing that we were restricted to places we could walk was extremely frustrating, especially as we had plans all last week that we ended up canceling.

    So I was exaggerating about not having left the apartment itself – we just didn’t make it to visit any of the people we’d planned to see for the holidays and weren’t able to finish our Christmas shopping or to pick up our stuff for holiday cooking.

  5. Just go out and walk! It’s ok to use your feet, if your careful they won’t slide or crash into cars!

  6. It’s OK to walk! just go outside and put one foot in front of the other! If your careful you will not crash into cars!

  7. With the deep tracks in the slush and ice, driving on the side streets right now is kind of getting onto a ride at Disneyland; the tracks take you where they want you to go. My wife calls it “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride”

  8. The mayor and sdot have forgotten the side streets in our area. We got out yesterday,first time in a week,and it WAS like an E ticket ride..Slipping and Sliding….Yuck!…luckily we made it with no accident! .Tried calling sdot, and the line is forever busy. The people who represent us in government are in for a big surprise at election time, my prediction!…Since the mayor does not know the difference between a B and an F!!!!

  9. Just talked to Sdot….they are in our area, but cannot clear side streets with the BIG machinery. I have a suggestion for the mayor,hire people to shovel the streets, and make people as important as fish!…frustrated CD resident!

  10. I heard that about 13-14 years ago the voters of Seattle were asked to approve the purchase of a bunch of snow plow attachments. It failed.

  11. I live on South Washington between 26th & 27th and our car was side swiped by some idiots who obviously could not and should not have been driving in the conditions. They did not have the courtesy to leave a note and I know we were not the only ones it looks like most of the cars in our street have damage.