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No More Happy Endings in Madison Valley

The Stranger’s Jonah Spangenthal-Lee has the scoop on a recent police bust of a Madison Valley nail salon for prostitution.

Detectives and an informant made several trips to the business for massages while undercover and were offered $10 hand jobs and oral sex (price unspecified) by the staff, who documents identified as “Asian.” According to documents, one spa employee told an undercover officers “no full service, hand job only” while another asked “me do?” while making a wang-stroking gesture.

My friend Jay refers to the strip of stores in the valley as “The hat and lamp shade district of Seattle.”   Who would’ve guessed they were diversifying into the world’s oldest profession?



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  1. Wow, that place used to be Izilla Toys. I was really disappointed when Lavender moved in there – thought it looked kind of strange in the context of the neighborhood. Who knew just how strange it all really was!

  2. Agreed. The Izilla angle is the key weird story element (well, that and the wacky odor quote)

  3. There are actually 971 spas and nail salons in, or within 1 block of Madison Valley. People have long joked that behind every lamp shade in Madison Valley is a nail salon. But, Lavender’s presence was starting to suggest that the spa-salons were actually fighting to overtake the lamp shade emporiums as the dominant business in the valley.

    But, now with Lavender possibly being permanently shut down, we’ll have to see how this battle plays out. There are at least 14 new nail salons going into the Madison Lofts (1 block from Lavender), and I heard that the Hoa salon has recently expanded and added space for 600 new estheticians (1/2 block from Lavender). Of course, Frenchy’s in Madison Park (2 blocks from Lavender) is an important player–I hope someone will go talk with them and seek comments on whole situation . . .

  4. I’m in that part of Madison Valley all the time visiting City People’s. I totally thought about visiting Lavender because it looked like a cute little spa….eeeewwwwwww!

  5. So now that we have started getting rid of nail salons, maybe we could get a non-French restaurant? I mean, they are all great, but I wouldn’t mind a pho place or something opening up. Maybe they could move into Lavender’s …

  6. I went there when it first opened for a pedicure (I swear!) because they were running a 20% off offer for their grand opening. There were a few middle aged men waiting in the waiting room for massages (I think I definitely noted that because most of the ped places I go are usually just filled with women). The other seemingly innocuous, but odd thing at the time was that in the pedicure area it was really really dark. I had to go to the window to see what color I was picking out and the shades were drawn and tied in such a way that I couldn’t really open them at all. I actually suggested to the woman doing my nails that opening the blinds might be a good idea. I’m glad I never went for the ahem, massage.

  7. Your comment might be funny if there weren’t any harm in prostitution. I’m sure these women were delighted to be in this particular profession for $10 to help you “live” and “take the edge off”.

  8. Giving the boys a little rub and tug has got to be more pleasant than filing the callusses off of women’s feet. I’m sure the tips are better, too.

  9. It might be a little less arduous to “rub and tug” a few lonely criminals (which of course is a subjective opinion)than perform a few pedicures, but I’m thinking that at the end of the day, being a manicurist or pedicurist is way more “pleasant” than being someone who jerks men off for 10 bucks all day long. Maybe you should try it and see if the tips are better.

  10. I like to think of it as a sex positive perspective. If it’s also a “typical male perspective”, so be it, there’s nothing wrong with being male.