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morning commute update

Snow’s fun. Unless it stays cold for a week and the ice and mess sticks around forever.

This morning it looks like the arterials are all still packed snow and ice. I don’t see any evidence that the city has sanded anything other than a few intersections.  Hills still appear to be a mess, especially after the hard freeze over night.

A lot of bus routes are “temporarily suspended”, including the 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 27, and 11.  The #48 is the only one I don’t see in that list, but I haven’t seen any of them go by yet either, and there’s no status updates on

Our next stop is going to be up at Union to see if the road is even open there.

Tell us about your commute plans or experiences below.

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  1. I walked up to Union early this morning but it still appeared to be closed. A few people seemed to be driving slowly on 23rd but I haven’t found a good way to go west yet.

  2. Jackson isn’t too bad…seemed to be the lesser of all the evils this morning coming in. Slow going but a lot less steep than the other hills. We didn’t slide at all going west. Thanks for all the info Scott…and CD news contributors!

  3. Cherry, snowpacked. Yesler, closed and a skating rink.

    I walked to work today, so got a good feel for it. Apparently they are handing out toys at Qwest Field today and the kids from the CD are having a tough time getting there without the 2 or 3. I suggested the 14 although I didn’t see it run during my walk.

    I give the Metro drivers a ton of credit, but weird that the city didn’t once plow or sand Union which was the snow route for the 2, 3, 8, 11, 12, etc.

  4. I saw one northbound 48 at 23rd & Jackson at 7:15. The next one came by around 8:10. It takes the snow route up Thomas/John to Broadway, then back via Boyer to Montlake.

    The 14 was also running.

    The Promenade Starbucks was mostly full with commuters nursing their coffee and waiting for the buses.

  5. Just an FYI. The Dearborn ramp is open and I-5 is in good condition north of Seattle as is are the off ramps to Northgate.

  6. I’m thinking of taking a cab downtown for the meeting, but I can be a bit more leisurely on the way back. The meeting’s at 2nd & Madison — looks like it’ll be a #12 bus up to 17th & Madison, a coffee at Tougo’s, then walk down Union from there.

  7. Just wanted to say again what a great service this is for the ‘hood, Scott. We obviously don’t have WSDOT cams here and it’s hard to know what’s out there. Thanks for risking life-and-limb-and-iPhone! :)

  8. Does anyone have tips on the best way to drive to Union Station from the CD? How’s Jackson today? I’m not far from 20th/Yessler…

  9. Has anyone driven down to Seattle Center or S Lake Union area from CD. If so, how did you get there?

  10. how are the north-south streets doing opposed to the east/west streets up at 19/e alder or fir st area between Yesler to Jefferson?