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Know of any restaurants open today?

For various reasons we didn’t plan very well for our Christmas feast. Surely there must be some restaurants open today – does anyone know of any within 30 minutes walk from Garfield?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I’d bet something is open there. I was disappointed yesterday to find both Moonlight and NW Tofu closed so I just walked down Jackson and most everything around 12th was open with the exception of Malay Satay. I just called Vegan Garden but they’re closed today :-

  2. Try Chinese! Last year, my family and I went to the International District for our Christmas feast. Maybe will try it again this year.

  3. Sea Garden
    509 Seventh Ave S, 623-2100

    Shanghai Garden
    524 Sixth Ave S, 625-1689

    Tai Tung
    655 S King St, 622-7372

    Joy Palace
    6030 Martin Luther King Way S, 723-4066

  4. Many thanks for the suggestions all. We’re going for Indian on Capitol Hill.

    Now the question is whether we venture out in our car for the first time in a week, or work up an apetite walking up there…

  5. My sister and her boyfriend drove to our house from Ballard and said the roads weren’t bad. They did get stuck in a rut right outside our house on Jefferson, but made it all the way here without incident.

    FYI, I think Malay Satay is permanently closed. I haven’t seen it open in months!

  6. 15th was plowed at least once this afternoon (I know that 12th – to Aloha – was plowed twice between about 12:30pm and 2:30pm today).

  7. Ahhh what happened? I ate there about a month ago. But you’re right, I passed by early one other weeknight and it was closed, I just assumed they were closed per schedule.

  8. I never understood why so many on chowhound raved about this restaurant. Seemed just ok to me.