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Holidays in the CD: Envy Grows

Looking for a gift that doesn’t come with acres of cardboard and other packaging that has to go in the trash?  Or something that grows and changes and becomes more interesting after you give it? 

Envy Grows is the locally-owned indoor plant store at 25th & Union where you can get some truly green gifts for your friends and family. They’ve got a big selection of plants and pots that can help freshen up a home and brighten the gray winter days around here.

Envy is open 11am – 6pm Thursday through Saturday, and 12-5pm on Sundays.  Here’s a preview of what you can find:

Holidays in the CD is our way to support our local businesses and encourage neighbors to spend their holiday dollars here in the community.

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0 thoughts on “Holidays in the CD: Envy Grows

  1. I bought 3 little pointsettias there last week. I saw many other lovely and unusual plants that seemed to be well prices. The owner was friendly and helpful. Nice little addition to the neighborhood.

  2. Hope everyone is staying warm inside our out in the snow! I’ll be at the store today for a few hours if anyone wants to pop in and say hi.

    Mention this message if you do venture out and get a 25% discount on any plant purchase by Sunday. Our way of saying thanks and happy holidays!


  3. We bought some covering plants mid-fall and they were perfect. The shop is fun, has unusual plants and arrangements. Great addition to the neighborhood.