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Hey Madrona, Lock Up Your Cats!

Tonight I was walking down 38th Ave along the West side of Madrona Park and saw a very well fed coyote crossing the street in front of me. When he saw me he darted back into the park. I’m sure he was on his way to make a meal of cats and small children, so be on the lookout. I couldn’t get a picture because my phone sucks and he was too quick. But I’m sure that where there are coyotes, there are probably at least one or two chupacabras, so you might lock up your goats too.

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  1. or should I say yip… you are not the first one to have seen coyote in this area. I’ve heard at least two other reports of sightings, one in the arboretum and one at the Miller playfield. My cats stay inside all of the time… (even without the coyotes we have big, mean, nasty racoons too… they won’t hesitate to kill a cat)

  2. Check out this website where you can see where others have posted coyote sightings. This website may have even been mentioned before on the CDN website. Looks like in 2007 there were several coyote sightings around 38th/Madrona Park.