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GOTS Good To Go for 2009

Good news: the GOTS program is now fully funded by the city for 2009.  There was a fear that they would be cut and their funding diverted to the mayor’s youth crime initiative.

GOTS is a program by the Seattle Neighborhood Group that works with chronic drug users to help them get off the streets and into treatment. Once a week they set up shop at 23rd & Union to work with the people that hang out in that area. It’s a great program that helps a lot of people change their lives and saves us all a lot of tax dollars when we can avoid repeatedly arresting and locking up low-level drug offenders.

And remember that GOTS takes private donations too, so if you’re looking for a good cause for a holiday gift or a deduction for your 2008 taxes, consider throwing them a few bucks via PayPal.


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