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Family Disturbance

From a gray December day in Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. In California, just about any quickstop/sin-mart can sell liquor. I think that way it spreads the fun around instead of concentrating it. Here, it’s pretty much a NIMBY, but it’s gotta live somewhere…

  2. wow, suddenly the liquor store has issues with what is going on around them? a few years back I was in the store while they were kicking out an obviously drunk shoplifter. Turns out his car was parked near mine in the lot and in the back was a little girl (no car seat). When I ran back in to get them to call the police, the entire staff looked at me like I was crazy. then there was the time I saw a woman who worked there go to the crack house on my street … what a joke, state employees even.