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Best Places for Sledding

With all this snow where are the best places to go sledding in the CD?

1. Powell Burnett
2. 18th/19th Ave and Union

Any other places you like to offer up?

0 thoughts on “Best Places for Sledding

  1. I bet MLK park down by Lowe’s is pretty awesome. But it’s a haul to get there in these conditions.

  2. The Madison Valley Storm Drain at John and 30th looks great for little kids–saw a bunch out there on Friday. Two ~5yr-olds on a single sled seemed to be the proper weight / friction ratio for maximum speed.

    Also, the Washington Park play field at the Arboretum (corner of Madison and Lake Washington Blvd) has a very different runs–saw some people heading over there with skis and snowboards yesterday.

  3. just off judkins and 23rd – – there’s a fun hill on the south side of judkins across from the judkins park entrance.