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TT Minor on the School Closure List?

The Stranger’s Jonah Spangenthal-Lee is reporting that Seattle School District officials will propose closing TT Minor at a meeting tonight:

According to sources in the district—who asked not to be named—the district will recommend closing TT Minor Elementary, Alternative School #1, the African American Academy and Lowell Elementary, which currently houses the district’s Advanced Placement Program.

Although not the best timing for a meeting on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, parents in the neighborhood will probably want to attend the meeting at 6pm at district headquarters.

0 thoughts on “TT Minor on the School Closure List?

  1. The discussion between District officials and the School Board is tonight at 6pm.

    Workshop re Capacity Mgmt-Prel. Recommendations
    Location: Auditorium, Stanford Center

    The board and superintendent will discuss the preliminary recommendations for school closures.

    The issue of schools and school programs is important if the community is to address the needs of our families and the quality of life in general. For the sake of all please help ensure that our schools are ones that most of us would choose for our children. Isolation in a poor and failing group in not good for the soul. This is not just the concern of parents but of all of us if we want to live in a desirable neighborhood.

  2. They are also recommending closing the Horace Mann building and moving NOVA students to Meany. If this passes, does anyone know what it means when they close a building? Do they sell it as soon as possible? Does it sit vacant? Could it be used for another community purpose?