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It was great to meet everyone at the happy hour tonight.  One of the pleasant surprises of running this neighborhood blog has been the great set of contributors, commenter, users, and readers who have almost always been thoughtful, informative, and utterly neighborly.

And it was fantastic to find that you’re all even more pleasant and interesting in person.

Special thanks to Erin & The Bottleneck for being such great hosts and getting such a tasty cake. Neighborhood businesses + neighbors = awesome.

We’ll be doing this more often after the holidays, so please join us next time!

0 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. It was a good time! I am always a little nervous meeting new people and last night proved that while it is still hard to meet people in Seattle, people are great once you DO meet them.

  2. To those who couldn’t make it this time, looking forward to seeing you at a future CDN gathering. Thanks much to the Bottleneck too, the cake was delicious. :)