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Neighborhood Breakfast: Delish

For a long time we’ve had a serious shortage of breakfast options here in the neighborhood.  And that meant we had to go slumming on Capitol Hill or other far off lands to get a decent set of eggs or biscuits & gravy.  

But last weekend we made our first trip to MezzaLuna for their weekend brunch, and it was definitely worth our while. They’ve got a small menu but everything we tried was really tasty.  My dining companions had quiche, pancakes, and eggs that they all enjoyed.  I had my usual:  biscuits and gravy with two eggs over easy.  The B&G with sausage gravy was good, and the eggs were perfectly done.

They’ve also got their daily menu of homemade pastries and coffee to enjoy, and tonight their having a special Fettucine Friday dinner from 6:30 – 9:30pm.

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  1. Those chilaquiles were delicious as were the potatoes! The coffee was also top notch. I’m very excited that Mezzaluna is so close by.

  2. hey …

    i went there and had a FAB soup/sandwich and they owners said that they are “down” w/kid friendly..they just need some toys..

    I promised some but haven’t delivered yet * i have a new baby!….

    take some of your extra toys/books and we’ll all benefit.

    lets all support this local business and see it thrive!
    *mum of 2

  3. This is exactly the kind of business we need in this neighborhood. We’ve been there a couple of times now, love all the food, everyone is friendly. Eclectic, but cool music.

    Please check it out if you haven’t yet — worth the while. We need to support the business!

    I’ve been there for brunch:
    -Loved the potato pancakes

    I’ve been there for lunch:
    -Loved a simple sandwich and soup

    I’ve been there for a snack:
    -Great chocolate chip cookies

  4. I starting to worry that this site is all just about breakfast. I would really like to se you focus on some of the other meals of the day. Perhaps some of the less popular and overlooked times such as brunch, tea time and mid-night snack.
    If change is not made we might just end up at denny’s .com

  5. 1) have been there for brunch — absolutely love it. Great addition to the neighborhood.

    2) But donate your extra toys? I’m begging the ownership to say thanks but no thanks. I’m all for kids — but not sure why this place is NOT currently kid friendly right now. You want to add crayons and paper for kids to color? Terrific. But toys strewn all over the floor and kids tearing about while I nurse my hangover with some great coffee and superb egg dishes? Um, no thanks! This isn’t day care (or Chuckie Cheese). I would hate to see this fantastic establishment be so “kid-friendly” it becomes “adult-unfriendly” like the Madrona Ale House or that hellish coffee shop in Madison Valley.

    Not trying to be anti-kid here at all. Love that there are more young kids in the neigborhood and all for people bringing them out to places like this. Just don’t think it needs to cater to them in such a way that loses it’s current charm.

    There are plenty of great places around here that could use your donated toys (esp this time of year). MezzaLuna isn’t one of them.

  6. you are definetly anti kid……. in your hungover breakfast place. I have two kids and I can respect that. If I bring my boys you can be sure I will keep them in line and out of your way.
    Honestly IHOP is the way to go with the kiddos anyway. Its local, they have big comfy booths, the food comes out to your table so dang fast you would swear you ordered ahead and all the old people look lovingly at your(my) snot-nosed little crumb snatchers like they are perfect little angels. This jux-opposed to the bleary-eyed flannel clad sneer you might get at Mezzaluna. FYI drink your coffee at home because IHOP’s is like the bad coffee in the church basement.