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CDNews Police Scanner – 11/7

All the best hijinks from the soggy streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. For a while there the sun was shining, Obama and hope formed our political new dawn and a wonderful post election celebration along with a cd news community birthday gathering.
    wouldn’t this be nice to have occur all the time here in the cd? For a while I forgot that we live in a manipulated, containment zone called the cd. Thanks for bringing us back to reality!
    Wouldn’t be nice to spend our energy on putting together events that are wonderful community celebrations and learning experiences rather than this reactionary hell we go through because of gangs, crime, criminals and no city policy to end gang crime in the cd. Sustainable Ballard, the Phinney Center and all other destinations and happenings could be happening here. We are socially segregated from the city due to crime, and the city treating us as a containment zone.

    We need change right here! We will have it nationally, why not here in the cd, this year, right now??!!??

  2. You’re right, eyes! In the middle and late 90’s we did have some of this. There were music and various celebrations on the plaza at 23rd and Union. There were garden tours. There was a wonderful gathering place behind the liquor store called The Mecca, which was an African import store and cafe that also served as a music venue.
    But six, seven, eight years ago things changed and there began to be trouble at these events, mirroring the problems coming back to the neighborhood as a whole. And the events stopped.
    I’ve been working for almost two years to try to get the fountain on the plaza restored, hoping this would be a magnet for some new attempts at community, but obviously I’ve so far been unsuccessful.
    We are on the way, via Union and 23rd, to many other communities who could easily stop by to join with us for events, shop here, etc. Maybe the new building to be constructed at 23rd and Union will be a start toward this.
    Several months ago I was encouraged that some group was playing music on the plaza, and during the summer Saviour organized some chess games there, but nothing seemed to come of either idea.
    Do you have some ideas? Does anyone?

  3. The key to make ANYTHING happen again is getting rid of the crime and the criminal elements. We had weed and seed active back then and houses and apartment buildings that were the nest of criminals were abated. We had an active community police team that got rid of the criminals and we had Mayor Rice who really cared!!
    We need to have this happen again, NOW!

    PS I was on the garden Tour.

  4. Sounds great to me!

    Any idea if business are interested in the Philly’s Best building or the one behind the liquor store/across from Key bank (can’t remember the name)?

    It’d be wonderful to get some of these places open and support them and hopefully drive the seedy behavior away…

  5. … would be an awesome site for another Starbucks. The one at 23rd and Jackson is a hit, right?
    I never thought I’d welcome a corporate presence, but… bring it on!

  6. PCC has been looking to build a store in this area for some years. Madison Market is north and the only PCC is down in Seward Park

  7. There’s also the former burger place at Union and 25th or 26th – I think the Philly’s owner had been planning to move there.

  8. because the territory ‘belongs’ to Madison Market. But, Madison Market doesn’t have the wherewithal to either move or branch out to Union or Cherry. That ‘gentlemens’ agreement is screwing us over.

    I love Madison Market, but I think they need to either fish or cut bait. Actually, they might be better off being on Union or Cherry given that they face the competition of Trader Joes.

    If the community offers and the coops don’t bite, then let’s go after more commercial or expensive types like Metropolitan Market or the people that own the grocery in Leschi or Madison Park.

  9. I think we have enough grocery stores within walking distance of Union and 23rd. I want to support more prepared food – affordable, family oriented locally-owned restaurants – art, art art! Our neighborhood corner could really use a pick me up, perhaps in conjunction with the public schools and local day care / after school programs (murals, tiling, woodworking, sculptures) music! bring in local musicians, both youth and adults, to play on different days in the plaza – dance classes, marching band rehearsals, drill team practices, drumming circles! More weekend community events – maybe working with the Casey Foundation to have volunteer fundraising events (bake sales, raffles for local businesses) The possibilities are endless.

  10. Specifically, yes PCC does want to touch this area. There is a draw from the lake side neighborhoods and they know demographics have been changing.

  11. Are you sure PCC is interested? A few years ago when the current Grocery Outlet site was empty there was a huge neighborhood push to get PCC to take over the space. (Members of the MadronaMoms Yahoo group wrote tons of letters to PCC and Metropolitan Market). The word from PCC is that they aren’t going to touch our area because of an agreement with Madison Market. Has something changed since then?

  12. I asked a friend who works in the main PCC office just the other night. A mentioned Cherry and that was a NOT. Maybe they are thinking of Jackson? Does nothing for me, but would be an improvement in good food for the community. If Grocery Outlet is the only option, which is fine for a few things, then I’m driving to Trader Joes. How’s that for environmentalism and a walkable neighborhood?

  13. They were interested in the Dearborn Goodwill site,per Daryl V the developer. If memory serves me correctly, they once expressed interest (several years ago when Jimmy Summler died) in the Promanade 23 site if Red Apple were to vacate ( there were considering it), both site are south from Capitol Hill than Union and 23rd.
    Perhaps they should be contacted (by all those interested, the more the better) and asked if there is an interest, especially if there is a strong interest by the community to bring them in.