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CDNews Police Scanner – 11/10

From Seattle’s East Precinct on Monday, November 10th, 2008:

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  1. Do you log the scanner at night? Or, is there a public feed on the web for the scanner?

    There were a few unmarked police cars out last night (~10pm) around our neck of Madison Valley, and I’m curious if it was more than just a patrol.

  2. We saw the cars just before 10p. They were going up and down E 30th, and one was stopped on E Mercer with officers on foot.


  3. I was listening on my scanner and heard this call, and it seems to have been generated in response to a previous call, so I didn’t hear what it was originally about. Officers called in for additional officers to meet them at that location. The back up officers arrived first to find no one there. There seemed to be some confusion and the back up officers said they would wait, then nothing for a while. The final transmission was an officer stating “scene controlled”.

  4. You know, if I were in charge of security at Nordstroms, I’d totally hire the crack team in charge of theft prevention at Goodwill. You can’t get anything past those guys!