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One of the things that makes the internet such a deeply flawed thing is the way it can take any fool with a computer and make them into an authority. Two weeks ago I got an email from CNN, forwarded via the Mayor of Miller Park, asking for a write-up on Seattle from a local blogger’s perspective. So I got out my thesaurus and wrote about 700 words that are now published for the world. 

But since most of you are already tiredly familiar with my tortured prose, I will instead refer you to CNN’s videos with Quincy Jones that they shot back in September.  There’s several shots of his boyhood home and several other spots here in the neighborhood. 

Also check out the piece from Kim of Seattle Daily Photo Blog.  Her photos are amazing and highly recommended. 

But a question for Quincy:  why would you take them to Ivars instead of Ezell’s?

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  1. Nice Posse on Broadway reference. I still find myself thinking about that song too often when, for example, I drive past 23rd & Union. (Where, if I remember correctly, “the driver broke left.”

  2. Fabulous ending, Scott! I was ready to send you a message chiding you for making Seattle sound so great (I’ve lived here long enough to remember Emmett Watson’s Lesser Seattle movement; see Wikipedia), but the ending won me over.

  3. Hey Scott,
    I just read your article for CNN. Very fun and well written! It brought me here where I found you’d mentioned SDP. Thanks so much. I’m glad to meet you here in the bloggosphere. Really weird that I’m first coming across your CD news blog through the London bureau of CNN ;^). I’m so glad to learn of your blog and have linked to it in my sidebar of Seattle neighborhood blogs. You gave a great 411 on Quincy Jones’ old neighborhood in the present tense. And, I am seriously going to try your suggestion of putting on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Posse on Broadway and following the streets. Best,
    Seattle Daily Photo