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CD Lost & Found

Dear M.L. of Renton –

I was raking up leaves in my front yard today when I found the contents of your purse and/or wallet partially hidden under a rock. It includes your driver’s license, social security card, bank cards, Safeway Card, and various other retail discount cards. It’s all a little damp and dirty.

The operator at the police department said they were busy today and that it would be OK if I just mailed it to the address on your driver’s license.  I’ll drop it into the mailbox tomorrow.

Sorry you lost it, and I hope you can at least feel better that it’s not out there running free.



0 thoughts on “CD Lost & Found

  1. Public Service Announcement – Never carry your Social Security Card on your person. Keep it in a safe place, locked up, at home, unless you want your identity stolen. Sounds like M.L. of Renton got lucky!

  2. if it were me and you emailed my wallet to the address on my license, the package would come right back to you undeliverable. i move every year and there’s no way to update that on the plastic license itself. if that were my wallet, i’d be much happier if you were to google my name or look me up on myspace/facebook and find out where i wanted it sent (if anywhere, i’d probably be just as inclined to save you the postage and come pick it up along w/profuse thanks)

  3. Email would have been nice. Would have saved $1.85 in postage.

    But in any case, I would probably decline the opportunity to meet with random dudes who phoned or emailed and claimed to have the contents of my wallet.