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Reader Report: Cyclist Robbed near I-90 Tunnel

We got an email from reader John who reports hearing of an armed robbery last night on the I-90 lid park:

I was listening in [on a scanner] last night … [and] heard about an armed robbery of a bicyclist on the I90 lid park about 8:00pm last night or so.  The biker was ok – no SFD [medic] response- but they got away with his bag.  I believe it was four youths.  Any insight or further detail?  I bike there quite often and it would be helpful to get more info so that we can avoid these perps.

We had a technical glitch with our scanner recording last night and don’t have any more details on it.   Anyone else hear anything?

A similar daytime attack occurred back in May.


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  1. I’ve seen four young boys in the park on two occasions. Once a few months ago they were trying to take down one of the park signs. I called police and they ran away immediately but soon after came back when a lookout gave them the “all clear”. The second time I encountered them a few weeks later, I left the park and took my daughter home.
    I don’t know if this is the same group but I now take my daughter to a different park.

  2. The sad truth is this is a perfect spot, night or day, for a snatch and grab. It’s quite busy during rush hours, but dwindles considerably immediately after. I think there are surveillance cameras in and outside the tunnel, but who knows if anyone is watching. Sounds like perfect subject matter for the East Precinct Crime Prevention group.

  3. So that’s it? no follow-up from the SPD? This is a critical resource and i can’t believe we’re not using the cameras to at least give the appearance that we’re not going to let this stuff fly.

    I used to use the tunnel near daily, but frankly, with the obvious escalation in robbery, the early darkness and near perfect location for a crime, i’ve been avoiding it. if there were some assurance that the tunnel cameras are being used and/or there were increasing patrols around the tunnel itself, that would lend some comfort, but it’s just not worth it.

    “armed robbery” — i mean, really.
    i’m guessing i’m not the only one who will hang up the bike because of this.

    btw, i have tried routing around the tunnel, but anyone who has climbed the hills from the I90 bridge, up and over the leschi hill and back down to mlk knows that the tunnel is there for a reason. the hills are wicked steep (ie tough to pedal), and dangerous in the rainy season.

    so, anyone? …or are we just giving up?

  4. I spoke with someone from WSDOT and they informed me that their are bicycle cops patrolling the area. Has anyone spotted them? Any and all who wish to discuss this issue further are encouraged to come to the East Precinct Crime Prevention Council meeting on Thursday December 4, at Seattle Vocational Institute in room 401. I am planning to have someone from WSDOT’s bicycle safety team come in to respond to questions and let us know their plan of action (if they have one). Feel free to email me for more information.

  5. great to hear. I am generally not able to attend the council meetings, but would very much appreciate it if you could post an update after the meeting.

    btw, I have NEVER seen a bike patrol and i have used this tunnel twice a day around rush hour times…

  6. …these are some of the biggest screw-ups in the world re: response in a ton of cases. When called to difuse some problems, around Judkins Park, and the simple presence of 1 officer/cruiser will do they take an hour to show up. When they finally do it’s a parade of cruisers, again, where 1 would have been sufficient. When you phone to see what takes so long for them to arrice on scene you’re told that they must prioritize the emergencies. Maybe some of the ones that are standing around playing “too many cheifs, not enough tribesman” could leave the troublemaking, intoxicated traffic walker since 50 other officers are already there!?