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Officer Assaulted at 23rd & Jackson

SPD has posted more details on their new blog about an event that we reported in the scanner yesterday.  We could tell on the radio that it was a pretty big scuffle, but we didn’t realize that an officer was assaulted in the process of breaking up the fight:

On Tuesday, October 21st at 3:15 PM an East Precinct officer on-viewed a domestic violence assault occurring at the bus stop at 23rd & Jackson. He exited his vehicle, called for additional units, and attempted to stop the assault in which the male suspect was hitting the female victim, who was holding an infant. The suspect then struggled with the officer, striking him in the face, splitting his lip and knocking a tooth loose.  Back up arrived and the suspect was subsequently arrested. The suspect continued to resist, spitting in the face in the same officer he assaulted.

During this incident, 20 – 30 individuals gathered and were verbally challenging the officers and attempting to interfere with the officers control of the suspect, putting everyone at risk. One of the on-scene officers was directing subjects to move back. A female refused to move back and when the officer attempted to move her back, the female struck the officer’s arm while refusing to move. She was taken in to custody. It was later determined that she was the victim of the DV Assault.

Both the domestic violence suspect and the domestic violence victim, ages 17 and 16 respectively, were booked into Youth Service Center for Investigation of Assault.  Their infant child is being cared for by his maternal grandmother.

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  1. Wow. An incredible future lies ahead of us. Pathetic. Leave it alone and it’ll solve itself. Darwin has spoken.

  2. NO! You do not leave it alone. That was the the way the city has reacted to crime in our neighborhood in the past. You arrest people for that kind of behavior and lock them up! If you don’t, you, the resident will be next as these anti-social criminals feel they can get away with this behavior as they “live in the hood”.

    England has anti-social laws that severly curb this type of behavior. I know that this may open a sharp discussion on the definition of anti-social and Englands current focus on useing these laws on political rallys, etc.

    I applaud the police for taking this action and look forward to increasing this focus on anti-social violent behavior in the CD.

    PS. Notice the TV coverage on the assults in Wallingford the last couple of days? This happens in the CD and there is no coverage in the media!
    This must change!

  3. I am at a complete loss in trying to understand this behavior – “During this incident, 20 – 30 individuals gathered and were verbally challenging the officers and attempting to interfere with the officers control of the suspect, putting everyone at risk.”

    The girl had a BABY in her arms while being beat by this man. They should have hauled in all 30 individuals and provided them with an education in common decency and proper social conduct.

  4. The same thing happened a couple of July 4’s ago in Skyway–some dude was bleeding to death in a parking lot from a stab wound and the crowd freaked out when the EMTs tried to treat him. They had to wait for cops to arrive and clear out the mob of gibbering hynenas. Too late, though, as their bro was dead on arrival at Harborview. The general attitude in scenes like this is, better to be beaten/injured/dead at the hands of a bro than to let the White Power Structure interfere with your life.

    I second the poster who likes the British idea of enacting an Anti-Social Behavior Ordinance. Though with cutbacks in vital services and the usual Seattle attitude of ‘let the miscreants have their way’, this is not going to happen.

    I’m just hoping most of the hyenas will find themselves gentrified right down to Skwyay or Kent where they and their brethren can carry on as they please.

  5. This city has a practice of coddling criminals and treating them as if it is not their fault for their behavior. If a cop tries to arrest a person the citizens will take the side of the criminal. They do it every time. I have talked to many officers about this and they have all told me many stories of arresting someone on Capitol Hill and the “people” (Ave. Rats as they are called) will yell at the officer(s) and tryo to give the guy in cuffs and being stuffed moral support! It happens all the time. The bottom line is that we have a very liberal majority in our city council and they do NOT believe in being tough on criminals! Richard Conlin is a perfect example!! Heck, this guy supports criminal activity with our tax dollars! I have to stop now…. :)

  6. Domestic assualts are very dangerous situations for police because the person being assaulted can turn on the officer making the arrest .
    A childhood friend Det.Bobby Parker (nypd) was killed in a domestic dispute while trying to arrest a man who beat up his mother .
    Thank god SPD was able to calm the situation and gain control before crowd got rowdy .

  7. Would people support an initiative for more police on the street? I would pay more tax $ for that for sure – these incidents are ridiculous.

  8. Your tax dollars would end up in the general fund and under the control of Greg and the city council. They would build a homeless sleeping and feeding area with the money; guaranteed.

  9. Unfortunately SPD seems to think that their job is to roar around in their cruisers wearing badass terminator-shades and scowling at everyone, instead of, you know, being an actual human presence in the neighborhoods, walking/biking a beat, and making their presence known on the streets, at bus stops, stores, etc.

    There are loads of cops in this city. Why are so many of them allowed to hide behind the wheel of their lame cop cars? I’d love to see a cop or two whose job it is to just walk around. There should be 24 hour foot/horse/bicycle patrol of e.g. 2nd and 3rd ave downtown. I don’t mean go around hassling everyone, just BE there, and REACT if you see something going down.

    Same thing in ID, same thing in CD. Get out there, show a human face, get to know people, earn the trust. I hate hate hate seeing them flying down the major roads in their cruisers, blowing right by/through the very neighborhoods who would really welcome some patrols.

  10. Police ,news people and editors, are just like kids just because they hold a title to a job doesnt mean there telling the truth i was wat they called “a victum” in this dv and i disagree with this whole story if i was the one being asaulted why would i stop the police from arrested this man ? if he was attacking me with my child why would i be on his side ….OBVIOUSLY THERES MORE TO THIS STORY AND EVERYBODYS SIDE WASNT HEARD BUT SINCE THIS WAS AN OFFICER THAT HOLDS A TITLE HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH IF SO WHY ARE BOTH CASES DISMISSED ? to restrain a black male it doesnt take over five people if hes already on the ground . thats the problem these days in seattle people under esimate you because your a kid.