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CD News Police Scanner – 10/16

Tales from the Seattle’s East Precinct, Thursday, October 16, 2008

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  1. Tickets for jaywalking wouldn’t bother me if tickets were also given to the motorists who ignore pedestrians waiting to cross at crosswalks and intersections. Motorists receive tickets only after they hit a pedestrian at an intersection or crosswalk. Otherwise, they have a free pass.

  2. Tickets for cars not letting pedestrians cross, not going to happen. I wait and wait to cross at 25th and E John and even police cars pass me by on a regular basis. I did however get their attention, and a jaywalking ticket, at fourth and pine when I entered the crosswalk just as the “dont walk” started flashing. The icing on the cake was pointing out two drug visable exchanges while the officer was writting up my ticket.