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Are you missing a black flat screen TV?

Are you missing a black flat screen TV?

I live on Irving Street between 24th and 26th. At about 1:15 this afternoon I was looking out the window and spotted a small group of African American teenagers carrying a flat screen TV. I confronted them, and they hurried away. I called the police but by the time they had arrived (very soon afterwards) the TV had been “misplaced” somewhere between Wadsworth alley and Norman Street. No rational explanation was provided as to what happened to the TV or why they were taking it for a walk. If you can vouch for the teens or are missing a TV please post in reply.

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  1. Hello!

    i also live on the 2400 block of S. Irving.
    My house was burglarized Thursday during the day. they got a black 32″ sony flat screen tv and a dell laptop.

    i filed a police report late afternoon when this was discovered.

    do you know where the TV is?


  2. I live at 25th & Massachusetts. Late Thursday afternoon I saw three African American teens who I thought might be casing homes on 25th.
    I hoped I was being overly suspicious, but given Cathy’s experience, it seems to make sense to keep an extra close eye out for suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

  3. Cathy or Ardith – If you have more details on the break in to Cathy’s house, I think it would be great to post these. I think it can be useful to know how the burglars came in to the house, etc.

    I’ve twice called the police to report suspicious activity on S. Irving in the past couple of weeks and I’m really sorry to hear Cathy’s news. I’ll continue to keep my eyes out and hope the calls to the police start to make a difference.


  4. Hi,

    My break-in was acutally on Wednesday the 15th. the same day that ardith saw the teens with the TV or should i say my TV.

    BTW: Ardith thank you so much for being so watchful and for calling the police. i really appreciate it!

    So after inspecting my house it is clear that there is no sign of forced entry so we must have left a door unlocked most likely our back door. there is no other way they could have made it into the house.

    we did have the locks changed and we are having the alarm upgraded and will be using it from now forward.

    thanks so much for all of the information!

  5. FYI: the morning after my burglary i saw a patrol car driving down S. Irving obviously looking for activity.

    i think the police calls are working!

  6. Cathy, I am so sorry to hear about your news, It’s awful, coming off of what happened at my house I feel just awful for you. I am glad you are ok.
    For your neighborhood – Tuesday of last week, my friend that lives over on 29th S was roused by a door knock and door bell ringing at 8:30am. Not expecting guests, he was watching out the peep hole as an AfAm female continued to knock and ring the bell over and over. She then tried the door handle to find the door locked, however she immediately got on her cell phone and made a call while looking at his house. Clearly this was casing – I advised that he dial 911 immediately. I have learned the tough way that you do announce yourself and advise folks to leave your property and to dial 911 and get the police over for a welfare check ASAP if you see any suspicious activity at all at anyone’s house, it’s the SPD’s job to decide if it is suspicious or not.

  7. I definitely think that robberies in any neighborhood is unfortunate and unacceptable. I also find it unacceptable that “suspicious” persons are considered suspicious solely based on the fact that they are African American.

    Patty–how do you know that the young lady was “casing” the home? Why is it not possible that she mistakenly knocked on the wrong door, thinking it was the home of someone she knew or someone who had invited her, and when no one answered, attempted to call that person? Making a cell phone call while looking at a home seems to be pretty innocent. I wonder, if the ethnicity of the person would have been different, would this still have been characterized as “casing.”

    By the same token, I do think that the teens who were carrying off someone’s TV, were suspicious and I applaud the gentleman who had the courage to address the situation. However, I think it would be quite disturbing if neighbors were to assume that every young, black teenager they saw out walking on the streets, were most definitely criminals, ready to wreck havoc on our unsuspecting neighborhood.

  8. Hey Natasha, check out the ‘cup of sugar’ posting on this forum and make your assumptions and argument as you wish. The TV you mention walked right down the street two days later right in front of the residence. My AFAM text was a descriptor and not a stereotype or a race thing, so don’t take it there as that approach is tired. I do know that if any human was knocking, ringing, and trying my door handle aggressively at 8:30am – I would call the police (just in case she needed help)? – no matter what the race, considering everything going on in the hoods and on this blog. So with the history of events during these days documented on this forum I would default to ‘casing’. Perhaps you can throw your door open to this young lady when she knocks in an aggressive fashion and get to the bottom of this and report out to this forum.