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Update on Red Apple shots fired & 28th S. standoff

Here’s the full story on this shooting and police stand-off that went down just after noon today.   It started at 12:28pm when multiple people placed calls to 911 to report that a man had fired 2-3 shots in the Red Apple parking lot near the Subway.   He was described as a black male, 20s, with a silver & black windbreaker & cornrows.   

Police arrived and could not find any victims of the shooting at the scene.  It’s not immediately clear what they were shooting at.   

Washington Middle School at 22nd & Jackson went into lockdown for about an hour as a precaution.

Witnesses described seeing the suspect run with at least one other man through the parking lot and into the neighborhood to the south.    Police then began a search for them in the area south of Jackson, and saw two men who matched the suspect descriptions enter a duplex in the 900 block of 28th Ave S.   Units then converged on that location and 2-hour stand-off ensued.

The first people to leave the residence were two women with a young child.  They must have told police who was left in the home, as shortly thereafter officers began to call out specific names on their car PA systems, requesting that they exit the residence with their hand out and empty.   Officers were visible all around the property with guns drawn.

The first suspect came out about 30 minutes later and was taken into custody.  Police brought witnesses from the shooting over to ID him, but came up with a negative result.

The standoff continued with requests for the second suspect to come out of the house.  Various things were tried, including asking him to contact officers via 911 or shouting out of the window.  K9 teams were also on the scene, and would occasionally bring the dogs over as a show of fierce barking force.

In the meantime, large crowds from the neighborhood had gathered on the perimeter to watch the show.  The neighbors I spoke to said they didn’t know the suspects or the other residents in the house.     

Finally, at 2:55pm, the final suspect surrendered, exited the house, and was taken into custody by the police.   Officers then began a search of the house and found it to be empty.

Stay tuned for a short video of the event later tonight.



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  1. Fantastic reporting! Really great job. You must have been on the south side of the duplex. I was on the north and watched the ID of the second suspect.

    If you ever need help with this kind of reporting, send me an email.