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Seattle Neighborhood Poster

Ork Posters makes hip neighborhood posters in several cities, and apparently is preparing to make one for Seattle. 

Here is their proposed neighborhood map for Seattle.  They’re soliciting comments on the neighborhood names and borders, and I think we could offer some input.

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  1. hey – would love to mention this but the link is broken (“here”) and I can’t find anything on Ork’s site mentioning the Seattle project.

  2. Is here:

    It’s hidden on the site, although I made a good guess.

    I think there is definitely the opportunity for input, since the CD does not exist. :) Nor does Madison Valley–I think that has been around long enough to be a real neighborhood now?

    Other things I noticed:
    – Licton Springs? What is that?
    – Pike Market. Maybe it’s just me, but I figure anyone who doesn’t call it Pike Place or just “The Market” is from out of town. (I’ve been asked more than once by tourists where the “Pike Street Market” is. It just sort of sounds funny to me, like calling the U-Dub the “U of W.”

  3. Sorry ’bout that – I fixed the link.

    They’re apparently making changes based on our comments! Check it out – the CD is now on there!