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Police & K9 Unit 25th & Union

We just got home from dinner around 8:00 pm on 9/4 and saw about 4 police cars including a K9 unit and officers with the dog searching the area between Union and Pike. Does anyone know what is going on? They seemed pretty involved and I didn’t want to bother them with questions. Hope everything is ok.

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  1. we saw one of the units at 25th and spring, who asked us to go inside since the k9 was headed our way.

  2. It was us. We had a “gentleman” hop our fence and try to get in the house. I just happened to be setting a light timer and looked out to see if the light was on and saw a head through the door window. He was definately on something and could not get out as the gate was locked. We had recently installed 7mm film on both the inside and outside of the glass, so I was not worried about him getting in, but I fear he was casing.

    The police were here in just about a minute and a half! They were truly concerned and were loooking for the guy. I think they really want to get a handle on this.

    Aparently someone else has been casing our neighbor’s garage, too.

  3. I saw cop cars all over on my way home and ended up circling around to get from Union up further north on 27th. After going past 4 cop cars in various locations, I did ask an officer what was going on and he explained that they were looking for someone who had been in a back yard. I said THANK YOU for being here!

    As I drove away I remembered how cops stop cars and check id’s at many intersections/entrances to neighborhoods in Washington DC. One of the myriad of reasons that I moved back to Seattle. Sigh..

  4. seems like a long time to be cordoning off a street for a prowler. not complaining, but I came home at 1130pm and they were still out there. I just wonder if it wasn’t something bigger. I do thank them for their service and thank NotBob for his post.

  5. a little later on in the evening, and he was pretty clear they were looking for someone “who had been in a backyard prowling”, so I think that’s really all that was up. At the last East Precinct meeting, they got the message folks were pretty concerned about the burglaries, and the overall number of break-ins has been up significantly in the East Precinct in the last month or so.

  6. Since the person in the house couldn’t give a good description of the possible intruder, Seattle police and K9 probably were thinking it was that 1 kid with the scar on his chin that robbed someone else at gun point earlier in the week that’s still on the loose, just putting 2 and 2 together.

  7. Uh, mob4life: I gave them a perfect description of the intruder as I spoke with the “person” (personhood not yet established for this individual) for over a minute from 3″ away before he jumped the locked fence to get out. I then tailed him while on the telephone with the operator. Trust me, I gave a good description.