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Lifelong Central Resident John Jeannot’s Funeral

John Jeannot was a life long Central Area resident and very active community organizer. He was one of the first people I met when I moved to the neighborhood in 1998. For as long as I’ve known him he has been in the thick of whatever was going on in the neighborhood. He was one of those few people who really threw himself into making the community that he loved the best that he could.

Following I’m including the text of an email from Bill Zosel of the Squire park community council, with information about John’s funeral and reception to be held Tuesday Sept 2nd at 4pm at the Immaculate Church at 18th and Columbia.

Subject: John Jeannot’s funeral Tuesday

Many of you have heard the sad news that John Jeannot has died. He and his daughter Sophie wanted to make sure that all of his neighborhood friends knew of his funeral, to be held Tuesday September 2 at 4:00 P.M. at Immaculate Church on 18th and Columbia (across the street from John’s house.) There will be a reception afterwards.

An obituary, more information, and some nice pictures of John and his family are at

John’s work to make the community better was an inspiration to all of us. Our friend John will truly be missed.

Bill Zosel

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  1. I know that John’s family would be glad for all who can do so to take part in remembering him at Immaculate Church on Tuesday.
    Andre’s words are so true. He worked more than anyone I know in helping to build the community. He lived his commitments to his ideals for community and justice.

    For those moved to make a memorial contribution, John and his daughter Sophie have suggested contributions to the Black Dollar Day Task Force. (Details can be found at

  2. I was sorry to hear of John’s passing, and sorry to have not heard about the service until after it happened. John was an inspiration in his dedication to his community and belief if people. I served on the Squire Park Community Council with him, which he was involved with long before me and long after me.

    Jan Munger

  3. I’ve searched all the comments about John and none even come close to describing the largeness of his human spirit. John was a VERY large man whose love for community and the the people who make up this community was only exceeded by his graciousness and dedication to walking his talk. I’m sad that I did not attend that last home dinner he invited me to and that I may have missed returning a few phone calls. I’m sorry John, because now I cannot believe that you will not walk down the street and stop to say hello, or share that smile. You were rare and while I know that you are there among other community angels who urge us to be more caring and compassionate with and about our fellow neighbors, I’ll still miss your reminders of how to turn words into action. It’s now our job to remind others and to remember you. Your work was hard and much appreciated and now that it is done, rest well my friend.

  4. John Jeannot was a very special person and will be missed by all. John was mentor to me when I started working at GHC about 7 years ago. He quickly took me under his wing and passed on a wealth of knowledge to me. He was truly a giving person and always offered his help. He always had something interesting to say and was incredibly knowledgeable on a vast array of topics which I always enjoyed hearing about. I haven’t had much contact with John since leaving GHC 3 years ago and this is very shocking and sad news. He had a great impact on me in the short time I knew him and I wish I could have truly thanked him for that. Rest in peace good friend.

  5. John was so generous to us all. he kept himself available and carried on during his illness. I was happy to see him at a meeting a couple of weeks ago, but other than nodding to him I had to carry on with a difficult discussion and did not have a chance to catch up afterward. Thus many of us wonder about opportunities for human connections that go by. I must believe that he is around and that I will act upon what he stood for in my own life, Seems like I have a lot of folks in my life in the last few years who, after they die, I kinda ‘get’ what they were trying to teach me. Yikes, maybe I will get it.

  6. I also gotta say that I was impressed with the funeral at Immaculate Conception where:

    John was a member of the congregations of Immaculate, St. Marys and New Bethel Baptist
    the Choir was combined choirs of the above
    the sermon was by the Reverand of New Bethel

    because John did not believe in BARRIERS