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Graffiti problems on your block?!3{2}Here’s a plan

It doesn’t take much searching to find fresh graffiti around the neighborhood.  This summer there’s been an explosion of it across Seattle.  

So how about starting a community project on your block to help clean it up?   

The city has a cool program that will get you all set up with a wagon full of paint, brushes, and other supplies to let you and your neighbors paint out the tags and other unwelcome additions that may have cropped up on your block.

And our local graffiti experts say that it works over the long term.  As you paint over graffiti-prone spots, the artists eventually get discouraged and will move on to other spots.

Of course there are a couple hurdles.  You’ll have to attend a quick training course to make sure you don’t get hurt or get the city in legal trouble.  And you’ll have to get the approval of private property owners before you clean up anything on their turf.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call the Red Wagon support line at 206-684-3096 and get hooked up with a training session
  2. Take your very own Red Wagon home and get your friends and neighbors to go out on a painting party

And you can also report graffiti problems to the city at or by phone at 206-684-7587.  They’ll harangue private property owners to clean it up, or dispatch city crews to take care of issues on public property.

0 thoughts on “Graffiti problems on your block?!3{2}Here’s a plan

  1. this does me no good since my license plate were the object of grafitti, which covered up the tags on my plates.

    I seriously regret living in the C.D. at times and will probably move out when my lease is up. I’ve had 3 different people hit my car (parked) and my plate spray painted, people are shady, but I guess I get what I pay for, living in the “affordable”/”cheap” section of Seattle.