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Crime Tidbits

Here’s a few crime tidbits we’ve been collecting to help make up for the lack of scanner reports at the end of the week:

  • The east precinct’s Capt. McDonagh issued a “Public Safety Alert” on Wednesday, describing a recent early morning event where a man tried to enter a woman’s bedroom through an open window.  She screamed and he fled the scene, but police want you to use it as a lesson make sure you keep your windows and doors locked.
  • Shots-Fired stats: 17 in June, 13 in July, 9 through the first three weeks of August.  Gang squads have been active in the neighborhood, and residents are encouraged to call 911 anytime they see suspicious activity
  • Car prowls have been increasing over the last several months.  Police say not to leave anything in your vehicle – no boxes, bags, or anything that else that might appear to have value.
  • The number of burglaries over the summer were described by Capt. McDonagh as “horrible” at last week’s EPCPC meeting.  There were 30 in July alone, and probably many more attempts that were registered as false alarms due to perps shaking doors, triggering burglar alarms, and then running off.  SPD has put all sorts of detectives and other non-patrol units out on the streets to help turn the tide on the problem.
  • City attorneys and SPD crime prevention teams have been working with the owner of the post-office property at 24th & Spring to clean up crime problems associated with the vacant homes on that corner.  Residents in the area have been helping by keeping detailed crime logs of things they see, and officials say that changes should be coming soon.

The scanner will be back in action on Monday.


0 thoughts on “Crime Tidbits

  1. It is so very kind of Captain McDonagh to make the suggestion of calling 911 for any suspicious activity, however, my wife and I called about 20 minutes ago to report watching a young man and woman purchase “something” from a man in a wheelchair with a great deal of cash and then proceed to take this item(s) and place it in a towel and then use some in a small cylindrical object and light it with a lighter. Then they proceeded to urinate on my fence whilst being incredibly loud and violent with one another. Mind you these young individuals were so brazen as to their activity; the driveway is brightly lit up!!! Anyway, the police have still not shown and they are onto smoking weed and drinking beer for dessert. They have now gotten into a car and drove off; high as kite…! I’m glad those officers showed up. I sure hope these “individuals” don’t plow through an intersection and hit one of their own (police officers)….again.

  2. Just the other day my roommate and I were driving his car back from capitol hill not 5 minutes away from our place in the CD and he got pulled over for expired tabs. His fault, yes, and we weren’t arguing that fact. But the cop has the gall to tell us “expired tabs like yours, its what bored cops like me are on the lookout for.”
    With all the sh*t going on 5 minutes away lemme tell you we were not happy to hear that out of his maw.

  3. Seriously – he needs to know that response time for notbob was atrocious to the point of being useless, and he definitely needs to hear bpm2000’s experience with the expired tabs cop. There shouldn’t be a bored cop anywhere in the East Precinct right now.

    Call the Precinct and ask for him, or come to the EPCPC meetings and tell him in person. But just posting it here isn’t going to get the attention these issues deserve.