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CDNews Police Scanner – 9/11

Here’s what’s happening in the East Precinct today:

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  1. @3:58 Woman stole some books and small boxes from Walgreens and left the store southbound. Black female, 40s, 5’3″, jean jacket & jeans

    I know exactly who that is. Her name is Debra, and I had to ban her from the bookstore. In the four years of business there, she is the only person I ever caught shoplifting. A sweet talker, always called me “hon”, continual sniffles. I’d feel sorry for her, except when one runs a small business, stealing is just not theft of product, but also stealing from one’s family.

  2. I was passing by around 8:30pm last nite and there were about 3 cop cars, what looked like an entire family on the sidewalk with a bunch of cops. Situation didn’t look tense or bad but was definitely curious to know what happened.