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Your Weekend Plans

It’s a big big Seafair weekend here in the CD, with parades, festivals, aerobatics, and coffee tastings:

The Umoja Fest African American Heritage Festival kicks off at 10:00am on Friday for a weekend long celebration of local culture, games, and entertainment.  It’s all happening down at Judkins Park at 22nd & Norman.

Here’s the full lineup for the festival:

And don’t forget that the Blue Angels will be overhead for practice today and two real shows Saturday and Sunday, each from 12:45 to 2:40pm.

And finally, on Sunday at 3pm Cafe Vega is hosting a Coffee Cupping event that will allow you to learn all about the details of coffee tasting and production.

0 thoughts on “Your Weekend Plans

  1. Where is a good place to watch the darn blue angels?

    We’ve had our kids naps shot and felt like we were being bombed the last two days w/ our son yelling “blue angels…cover your ears!!!!!!!” (he’s 2) but i figured we might as well find a spot to see the show….

    any suggestions w/o a zillion people?


  2. hi anna,
    we’re not big fans of the blue angels, but one year had family in town and they were determined to watch the show. we ended up walking through the I-90 bike tunnel just to the I-90 overlook area. Lots of family folks sitting up on the slope and watching from there. For a pretty good “if you can’t beat em join ’em” experience, this really worked out well…

    best of ear-blasting luck,