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Help GOTS, Help the Neighborhood

We’ve talked about the GOTS (“Get Off The Streets”) program several times on the site.  It’s the local program run by the non-profit Seattle Neighborhood Group that works on the social-service side of the equation in the fight against crime.

One of their most visible projects is the weekly outreach they host at 23rd & Union, where they set out a table and give out water, snacks, and a helping hand for anyone who’s trapped in the drug life out on the streets.  People who accept their services are provided treatment and support to work on their addictions and turn their lives around.

There are currently 40 active clients in the program, and 12 have successfully completed it.  That’s 12 people who are no longer in danger out on the streets late at night.   Twelve people who don’t have to resort to petty crimes to support their drug habits.   Twelve people who aren’t going to wake you up at 2am with shouts to the street dealers.

But the program could come to an abrupt end soon if they don’t maintain their funding from the city.  According to SNG staff, budgeting for 2009 is underway it’s not at all certain that the GOTS program will be fully funded.

Your job here is really easy: just call up as many city council members as you can and tell them “please fully fund GOTS”.  You can find their contact information here: .  According to people in the know, Councilmember Burgess is a key part of the equation, so make him a priority: 206-684-8806 or  [email protected]

And remember that you can make your own donations directly to the GOTS program.  Just visit the SNG website and look for the “Support the GOTS Project” button down at the bottom left.   It’s an easy PayPal process that just takes a minute to complete.

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  1. Donating a little $$ to help support this program is extremely easy to do on the website provided! If you can afford it, please help your local community. Reducing petty crime, break ins and helping improve the lives of the people in your community is a huge positive! For those of us struggling to make ends meet with rising fuel and food costs – email our council member to make an even bigger impact!