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CDNews Police Scanner – 8/12

Our gorgeous summer weather continues on this Tuesday in August. ┬áHere’s the scoop from Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. Hi – Do you have any info/followup on a break-in @ Thurgood Marshall Elementary, last night about 11pm? We saw a typically rambunctious group of teens going down the street (not loitering) near the school, then a while later police cars started showing up. The flashing lights continued for a while, so we went for a look-see. There were maybe 8-12 teens lined up, sitting on the curb, with the police in attendance. We asked some other teens, who were watching the action from half a block away, what happened. They said the kids had been messing around inside the school.

    That’s all I know. Teenage mischief, I presume. (Teen readers: No offense intended.)