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CDN Police Scanner – 8/15

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Friday, August 15, 2008

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  1. “Complainant was at the laundry mat when her ex-boyfriend took her vehicle. She later called back and said that he brought the vehicle back, but police still have to respond in these situations.”

    I’m glad we have enough cops to go take a report on non issues.

  2. Seattle Civility
    Seeking Improved Law Enforcement and 911 Response Time

  3. howdy neighbors,

    what was the LOUD boom last night around 10pm? heard around 23rd/union…it was different than the “usual” gunshots…


  4. I don’t know about 23rd/union but nearly every nite after 11:30pm or so I’ll hear an isolated loud noise or two (usually its just one loud one) from east of 23rd/yesler area. Are kids still shooting off firecrackers and stuff? They don’t sound like gunshots to me but then again I probably am not the best judge.