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Tonight: East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition

Tonight is your chance to talk with the police leadership from the East Precinct.  It’s a monthly event that is designed to improve communications between residents and the SPD.

Got a recurring crime problem you want to highlight?   This is your chance to describe it to the police captain and get it on his radar.

Want to get an update on the burglary spree or the gun violence we’ve been seeing?  All the right people will be at this meeting and can bring us up to date on the latest.

It all starts tonight at 6:30 on the 4th floor of the SVI building on Jackson.  We’ll see you there.

0 thoughts on “Tonight: East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition

  1. How many monthly meetings does it take to improve communication between residents and the police? SERIOUS???

    These are meetings where people point out the “problems” they see in the neighborhood and then wait for the police, who seemed to have given a “sympathetic” ear, to do something about it or to empower them to do something about it.

    How has communication between residents and the police improved since they set up shop on Union St.?

    This is how the spy/snitch station was pitched here. It was pitched as a place that could improve resident/police communication.

    Crime is not the problem here.

    Improving police/resident communication is not the solution.

    When the police respect ALL of the residents here, things will be better.

    But moreover, when the neighborhood, city, state, and country respect ALL of the residents here (and the ones who had to leave from here), things will be much better.

  2. If you’re not happy with the level of respect you get from the SPD, this is your chance to tell the guy who’s in charge of all the officers on this side of town. At a previous meeting in March, a business owner voiced a range of complaints about how police were interacting with her business and her customers. The police captain listened patiently, and while he didn’t accede to all of her demands, he did agree to address some specific police behavior that indicated a lack of professionalism.

    We can either view the police as a separate, nameless, faceless agency that operates independent of the community, or we can use opportunities like this to make some connections and get the needs of the neighborhood incorporated into what the police officers do every day. The choice is yours..

  3. I am unable to make it to tonight’s meeting, though I want to go. Under the weather. Will someone who is there note a few key topics and post them here? I am most concerned with the burglaries, simply because it has happened to me in this neighborhood. Grazzie!!

  4. Never fear – CDNews will be there. We’ll do a post with the most interesting tidbits by the morning

  5. If telling the guy in charge was all it took to get respect, we would not be having this discussion now would we?

    For years people have been working diligently in this community for police accountability. I have been to enough 2-faced meetings where people who should be accountable to the community can say and do anything to subdue the situation. But do things really change??? *Inserts a big fat “NO they sure don’t” right here*

    I know the woman you are talking about. Your language alone demonstrates your bias. The police listened “patiently”, the business owner made “demands”, and the captain would “address” unprofessional behavior at some point in the future.

    I urge you to talk openly with her the next time you see her and ask if she feels the police captain has addressed anything. Ask her if she feels the police respect her or the patrons of her establishment.

    Maybe you are accustomed to being listened to and getting what you want, but that is not the experience for many residents here. I’m just saying.