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Planning Meeting to Revitalize CNA?

There have been some posts over the past few days trying to get a sustained conversation started about our neighborhood, the good, the bad and the ugly. This was prompted in part by the murder the other night. It seems as if we have neighborhood meetings, and we have small neighborhood groups such as blockwatches, but nothing really coordinated or sustained (Squire Park CC doesn’t quite fit the bill). Should we get a group of people together to help plan a possible revitalization of the Central Neighborhood Association? If you have interest in getting together to discuss next Tuesday, location TBD, please comment.

Thus far we’ve been of the mind that a small group meeting to plan larger neighborhood action might be an effective way to get started.

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  1. It looked like someone was going to ask Brian at Tougo whether we could use his spot on Tuesday night? I saw a proposed meeting time of 7:30.

  2. If we want to have the meeting in the Cinema I am happy to make the space available. We have a special event booked in the Cinema Tuesday July. Monday August 4th is available. Tuesday the 5th is Block Party night so probably not good for a meeting. Give me a call at 328-3230 and we’ll arrange a time. Another option is the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at 22nd & Union.

  3. Thanks also the Central Cinema – that’s a great location for the larger meeting after we get our ducks in a row.

  4. Yes, count me in on Tuesday at 7:30 at Tougo’s. Thank you, Brian! And thank you, Joanna!

    And yes, Central Cinema would be great for a larger meeting – thank you also to them.

    And thank you, Elvis, for your clarification on the other thread.

  5. .. but I’m excited to see everyone organizing. Please spread the information and outcome here and to the CNA list afterwards.

    One thing I think would be interesting to discuss is to try to apply pressure to Tom (the owner of the entire block bounded by 23rd & 24th, Spring & Union) to either do more to clean it up or to start selling and developing some of the lots. Maybe a list of specific requests by the CNA (or whatever you/we decide it will be called) along with a big list of signatures? I think he means well but I think he lives on one of the islands so doesn’t have a great pulse on what is going on.

  6. You’re right, Nic, he lives on Vashon, but he does seem to know what’s going on, at least to some extent. This would be a whole side issue that needs to be addressed separately and carefully – and it does need to be addressed.

  7. I can’t make it this Tuesday, but I’m definitely interested. I’ll keep tabs through this site on when the next meeting will be. Thanks for organizing!

  8. I’m not sure what was meant by Squire Park “not fitting the bill.” The reason I would support this is that Squire Park only encompasses a small portion of the unrepresented area. I don’t remember the exact boundaries of the original CNA, but there is room for a Council to represent an area circling 23rd and Union, maybe Madison to Cherry and MLK to 19 or 18th. The center of Squire Park includes the institutions of SU and Swedish which are very time consuming. The overlap and cooperation would be a enhance both areas.

  9. Would someone point me to the “CNA list” mentioned in these comments? Down here in Judkins Park we have our own “CNA” list:

    In our case, CNA stands for Colman Neighborhood Association.


  10. Colman Neighborhood Association is a group of 120+ active households between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and 23rd Ave. South, and between S. Jackson and Massachusetts Streets. We are here to build community and improve public safety and quality of life in our neighborhood. We try to represent all 400+ households within the Colman Neighborhood and welcome everyone to participate in any capacity.

  11. Central Neighborhood Association long precedes Coleman Neighborhood Association, but was not very active when the 2nd CNA adopted the CNA abbreviation.

    We’ll cope. There are (improbable though it may seem) other Miller Park Neighborhood Associations around the country!


  12. Just thought I’d bring it up, since we’re all so close. Have a great, productive first meeting!

  13. You should not be surprised to hear that Tom Bengasser(?) was chatting with Jim Mueller at the Mayor’s clean/green event at 23rd/Union a month or so ago. Jim’s mentioned meeting with Tom more than once.

    Jim’s been very clear on wanting to acquire and develop both the 23/Madion and 23/Union area.

    Recall his E-mail signature line:
    “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.” – Daniel Burnham

    So you may get your wish….

  14. Besides some part of the south of Madison, north of Union and west of 23rd, for sure south of Howell east of 23rd to MLK is not represented right now. Madrona overlaps east of MLK with GMVCC as it goes to Denny. So maybe you start at Madison or John and then I could be a member of two groups!!

    Also, is there any Garfield CC?, or would Coleman and Central take that area, too?

    Good luck with the planning meeting. I’ll happily post notices in wherever area you all say for a bigger meeting.

  15. I have no childcare, but definitely want to be involved. please update and keep us in the loop! thanks for meeting.

  16. I couldn’t make it last night, but I’d love to hear/read the scoop on what transpired. Thanks!