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Central District/Madrona Neighborhoods Break-Ins

I spoke with Komo 4 news reporter Casey Norton this afternoon and it sounds like they are working on this story and trying to get information from police. I told him that while the break-ins have occurred on our block (27th & Pine) most recently, they are part of a much bigger epidemic of robberies throughout our area. He said they have been trying to get information from police but unless they have incident/case numbers they cannot discuss the robberies in broader scope.

Here is his information:

Casey Norton
Komo 4 News

My husband also wrote an email to a series of precinct officers, City Council people and Komo 4 news. Here is the response he received from Casey Norton:

D…. –

Thanks for contacting KOMO 4 News. We are continuing our coverage today, and we’re still trying to get an idea of how many homes have been hit and during what times. Seattle Police asked me to find out the incident numbers and call them so they can compile the information. If you know of anyone who has filed a police report,
please have them contact me (via email) with the incident numbers.

I realize your neighbors don’t want to talk on TV, but if they would at least be willing to meet with us, it would bring greater attention to the story and a better response from police – a big help for those who are staying in the neighborhood.

Thanks again for the email. Please contact me directly if you have
any concerns, comments, or questions.

Casey Norton

KOMO 4 News


Desk: 206-404-4385

Cell: 206-795-9973

[email protected]

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  1. incidences occurred in the East Proecint without US telling them a case number??? I smell a public records request or maybe a lawsuit to get public records out of them.