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CDN Police Scanner – 7/29

It’s raining in late July.  Will it dampen the spirits of our local troublemakers?   Stay tuned…

0 thoughts on “CDN Police Scanner – 7/29

  1. A while ago in one of your posts, you mentioned there is some rule that prohibits you from posting police scanner information after 6PM? Why is that?

  2. Maybe the guy in the jeep got good directions from the complainant last time and needs more. … oops, I just noticed the update.

  3. Stop it you guys! You’re making me laugh so hard I’m going to fall off my chair!

    Who said the CD scanner was depressing!

  4. As a Fire/EMS/Police dispatcher (though not for the city of Seattle), I have to laugh… the EMS personnel think it is hy-LARious when you say “…but(t) breathing” on the radio. :)