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CD Scanner – 7/17

Where’d the sun go? (the sun joined us around noon) It’s Thursday:

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  1. As of noon, there are 5 incidents on the “CD” Scanner, none of which actually happened in the “CD”.

    It doesn’t seem right for the Central District to hog all of the credit for crimes that happened in Capitol Hill, Madrona, Madison Park, Leschi, and Denny Blaine.

  2. It’s true, the scanner does cover a lot more than the cd. We’re open to suggestions for renaming the posts – “East Precinct Scanner” is too clinical.


  3. to leave the name as is, but for anyone that wishes for more clarity how about adding the words “and environs”. This will not cover any big and/or interesting reports that cdguy or scott cover that happen outside the “environs” however.

  4. OK, it’s mostly CD, but it includes a lot of other EP and even occasional West Precinct and South Precinct items. Why not just daily boilerplate of “CD Scanner (may include selected items from surrounding areas)” and then just change the date every day. That should cover all contingencies. Could use asterisk instead of parentheses, or different font or different color. Could say “nearby” instead of “surrounding” if that sounds better.

    But since the whole web site is Central District News, maybe the explanation needs to go on the home page.

    Personally, I think it’s fine the way it is – things that happen in neighborhoods around the CD tend to affect the CD one way or another, even if only because most of us visit the surrounding neighborhoods pretty often.

  5. According to today’s map, only 3 of 18 incidents actually take place in the Central District. Yet this report lumps them altogether as crimes that happened in the “CD”.

    These reports are read by a lot of people around the city, and they reinforce the perception that the Central District is a crime-ridden “war zone”. This lowers our property values, and it scares away development projects from areas that could benefit from them.

    The argument that “East Precinct Scanner” is “clinical” (whatever that means) seems trivial to me as a Central District property owner compared to the fact that these reports are damaging the neighborhood’s reputation by inaccurately classifying these crimes as happening in the CD.

    Scott – like it or not, you are in the news business. Fairness and accuracy rather than marketing should be your primary concern.

  6. My suggestion is changing the name from “CD Scanner” to “CDN (Central District News) Scanner”. This will emphasize the site rather than the district. Honestly, crime is not insulated, so it is helpful for residents to know what is happening in adjacent neighborhoods. This is especially important for people who live on the cusp of CD. I think listing the address (as you do) is more than enough for people to discern the CD from First and Capitol Hill.

  7. I like to hear what the surrounding area is experienceing, no man is an island.
    Not enough crime to report in the CD, well lets go out and commit some!

  8. CDN Scanner is marginally better. I guess.

    And to clarify, I agree the scanner should include crimes in other neighborhoods. I would be great to see scanner reports from the entire city, for that matter. It’s just that the title of the report is misleading.

    The address may be enough for people who live here to discern the neighborhood, but not anyone else, especially people shopping for a home from other cities.

  9. but i think it makes a ton of sense to change this to not give the CD the worst rep possible

  10. I think “East Precinct Scanner” is just fine. It’s accurate. It doesn’t carry the connotation that the CD is a ghetto. No more sterile than “CD scanner”!

  11. Madrona, Capital hill and Central Area Scanner is bit long. I don’t think changing it to the CD News scanner would change perceptions, and except for East Precinct Scanner I don’t have any great ideas. The Design Review Board for this area is Capital Hill, maybe it could be Capital Hill and evirons, or Madrona and evirons.