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CD Scanner – 7/1

From July 1, 2008

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  1. yeah, that was A LOT of police chasing that guy, we now have a Helicopter hovering over our building as well. I’d say easily 20+ cruisers and motorcycle police on the move

  2. Be warned that there may be some difficulties if you’re heading home via northbound 99–the Seneca exit is currently blocked off, no idea for how long.

  3. looks to me like they fatally shot the guy… they loaded him into an ambulance (large puddle of blood under him) and the ambulance hasn’t gone anywhere…

  4. Someone matching the description of the man seen near 1800 23rd Ave E came by our house (1900 block of 22nd Ave E) around 4 this afternoon. Young black male wearing a white shirt and tie. Our dog started barking at him, and he decided he didn’t want to talk to us.