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Acronyms – Hip Texters or Government Plot?

Seems someone with a lot of spare time thinks that Beacon Hill ought to be called Be Hi. Enter a Times reporter with way too much spare time and I am inside ROFL reading the comments page when I really should be enjoying my garden.

My favorite comment about the Be Hi idea was from Xman in Columbia City (Colcy?) providing a new possible names to one of our venerable CD neighborhoods:
“As someone who has lived in Wall, and MapLe, SquPa (near FirHi and CaHi…for those unfamiliar), I think BeHind sounds just dandy.”

MadVal? Grf? Jack?

Here is the article

What is it with our need to shorten up everything into kewl cryptic names? I could try to blame the proliferation of texting, but honestly I spent more time in years past in the worlds of computer technology, government (the WORST offenders) and corporate consulting thinking up cute acronomizations for projects and software. A few that come to mind are CMS (at least 4 different ones), RALF, PHRED. It was really a lot of people who have no background in linguistics or communications basically trying to have some fun and liven up those brain numbing technical design reviews. Then, we could be the cool kids using our new secret code words. I got kind of tired of the high school stuff, refused to understand what a person said if they use acronyms unless they handed me a glossary, decided it was much more fun and uber cool to instead use our time to think up new big words like Conphlogical (confabulation of conceptual, logical and physical) and misobstruficate (misdirect, obstruct, confuse and divide).

CapFirHilCenAreaus Crimes Report?

0 thoughts on “Acronyms – Hip Texters or Government Plot?

  1. The phrase “hip texters” isn’t cool enough for me. From now on I’m going with “Hexters”.

  2. How about Madcap Millecent? Mad for Madison, Madison Valley and Madison Park, Cap for Capitol Hill, Mill for Miller Park, Cent for Central District