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2001 East Union Project

Summary Report on Early Design Guidance
The Design Review Board comments included these recommendations:
Celebrate the wide planting strips through landscaping and designing the commercial space to interact with the pedestrian space.
Commercial storefronts should reflect the area’s commitment to pedestrian activity.
The Board supports the open space buffer adjacent to the single family residents.
It will consider a modest departure from the residential set back requirements.
The Board is interested in knowing the exact placement of residential unit access.
The open space behind the commercial storefronts should be usable for residents and possibly available to the commercial tenants.
Below grade parking is preferred.
Proposal should reflect the quiet, unobtrusive character of this stretch of E., Union with no excessive use of balconies.
The board strongly agrees with placing the parking entrance on 20th Avenue.
Open space along southern boundary should be secure.
Signage and lighting concepts will be reviewed at the Recommendations meeting.
High quality landscaping recommended.

The developer is instructed to contact the Planner as soon as Master Use Permit (MUP)intake appointment has been scheduled.

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