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Weird Glass Recycling Incident?

We woke up this morning to find our recycling moved out onto our parking strip. At first I thought perhaps this was evidence of someone looking for information to use for identity-theft (note: remember to shred your important papers, any credit card offers, etc.). However, then I noticed that someone took our glass recycling. That’s right – our glass recycling. Not only the glass in the black bucket, but the entire black bucket.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be about? Perhaps a nascent art project? Green-up taken a step too far?

Thanks for any thoughts! We live on 22nd and Union.

0 thoughts on “Weird Glass Recycling Incident?

  1. Maybe this makes me a bad Seattlite, but I haven’t used the separate glass bin in years. We just put all the glass into the big wheeled container with the paper, plastic, etc.

  2. I do put the glass in the the black bin but i’ve watched them pick it up and combine them all together before they put it in the truck. why do we have the bins??????

  3. I also have noted that the two bins are combined in the truck. When I called customer service to inquire, I was told that if the glass is put in with the other recyclables, it is too heavy for the drivers. This makes no sense. They now hand carry the black box to the truck, then return to roll the large recycle container. This container is mechanically emptied in the truck. There would actually be less strain on the drivers, and each pickup would be faster if they only used one container. I don’t make the rules, I’m just reporting what I was told…

  4. Our neighbor said he saw them do this too! Maybe we’ll ditch the glass bin as well.

  5. Customer service told me that not all trucks are equiped to handle combined glass/paper so in the mean time we need to separate.

  6. Our recycling isn’t picked up until tomorrow – so someone besides the city stole our bin and its contents… weird!!!

  7. Several years ago, one of my friends had their compost bin stolen from their back yard. It was a very large one (no wheels), and totally full of composting materials. It would have been HEAVY – they never figured out who took it, or why.