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Seattle Gang Unit

I was out watering my yard this evening when two members of Seattle’s Gang Unit stopped by to say hello. While this may not seem like news, I’ve lived in the CD for over 9 years and this is the first time any member of any police unit has stopped just to say “hello” and it was a very pleasant moment. They were very nice, courteous, and kind and when I told them about this blog (all the CD news, fit to print!)they asked that if anyone who reads this blog sees any gang activity to call them. The Sergent’s name was James Dyment and his number is 786-2783.

I love it when a routine moment like watering your yard becomes something worth passing on.

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  1. How do we know it’s gang activity? A group of three or more young African-American men doing something does not necessarily constitute a gang!

  2. True, but three african american teens standing on the corner flagging downcars flashing gang signs usually does constitute a gang. Cops good – drug dealers bad. Its about friggin time!!

  3. OK,but how do I recognize gang signs?
    And do I call the gang unit because they appear to be a gang, as opposed to three individuals selling drugs in the same area? Or do I call the narc unit because they’re selling drugs? Or do I just call 9-1-1 and let them sort it out?
    Also, “gang activity” includes other things than drug selling, so unless they are displaying recognizable gang signs, the question still remains as to how to identify it as gang-related rather than just a group of people.

  4. who said anything about race? Before you are so quick to pull the race card, lets give us “racists” a chance to comment…. maybe you should listen to the racism of Bill Cosby and Obama….. and it would be nice to see a black neighbor say hello the next time I pass by on the side walk, how many times can I be snubbed?

  5. One clue they’re in a gang is if they wear the same colors. Another is the street corner they’re on. For example, if you see a large group of teens on the corner of 28th and Jackson, then you can rest assured they’re Deuce 8’s. The own the area, and no other kids are going to “hang” on their corner. Of course, that doesn’t stop others, like the Low Profiles (jeez, where do they get these names?!!) from taking pot shots at the Deuce 8’s near home base, but it’s hit and run stuff. A good example is the two recent drive by shootings that just occurred there (both within the past month). I was one block away when the last one occurred. I can honestly say, I’ve never felt compelled to drop to the ground until that point. For whatever reason, it took police 10 minutes to respond, and we’re talking about multiple shots fired. Once they finally arrived, I got a closer look at the scene– people were still hiding in the church next door to the market. At least 10 shell casings were lying on the street.

    The police have been more visible lately, but they can’t do anything to the kids for just being in a gang, so they have to wait to catch them doing something illegal. It’s scary, because you know at least half of them are packing, especially since they’re in an active tuf battle.

  6. some representatives from the “gang unit” could come to a neighborhood/east precinct meeting to help clarify all of this so we aren’t just coming with our own ideas (not that they’re incorrect, but we might as well try to get a basic understanding of all of this). Just a suggestion.

  7. Thanks, rw, this is helpful info.
    Is there someone who can give info regarding other major corners (23rd and Jackson, 23rd and Cherry, 23rd and Union, 21st and Union MLK and Union, etc.) corresponding to the above info on 28th and Jackson?

  8. I think that’s a great idea! Let’s request it for this fall. I’m glad Amy started this conversation.

  9. Thanks for posting this. It explains why I receive mail for Deuce 8 in my home (former owneres were the Jimersons.)

    Also on the racism. I think no one wants to be racist. Lets just face the facts that in our neighborhood the gangs tend to be comprised of the African American race. I think we all know if there is some supsicious activity going on no matter what color the person’s skin.

  10. The police have been strongly advising the members of the community to come together at the block watch meetings. I for one have never gone and am definitely joining! Other great tips, cut back vegetation, increase lighting and motion sensors and call 9-1-1 any time you see groups of ppl loitering and cars driving up or people walking by passing items between themselves… I thought cops and 9-1-1 would get annoyed with calls, but the police I talked with said no way – call and call often… the more calls the more cops will be rolling thru… better the cops then some punk packin’!

  11. Hi Amy,
    It looks like we live pretty close together. Thanks for passing this info along. I would love to participate in a block watch. Do you know if we have one?

  12. i think that white people are racist and they think that every black person walking is in a gang or sells drugs. thats why i really avoid white people and white cops. they are the worst, all they do is harrast US. just keep the police off my block. 20th Yesler

  13. i agree and wanna know the funny thing? im white 100%…!!! leave deuce 8 alone and they will leave you alone…you know? its some bull shit that these white people wont say shit to your face…like the man at the gas station, we pulled into a pump and he apparently seen from across the parking lot and it was “his” even though we had pulled in first…my boyfriend is a black man mind you and this “white” man got out of his car like he wanted to say something….got back into his car…proceeded to write down my license plate then get out of his car and start beefin…guess that was to insure nothing happened to him haha its so funny to me…i mean i am a white girl fully employed but i find people look at me like im less of a person because my boyfriend is black, why is it that every white person that walks by looks at me like i shouldnt be with my black boyfriend…i think its a bunch of shit…white people got shit fucked up in their heads…real talk