Community Post WiFi Service Decommissioning

Since early in 2003 consulting services, in conjunction with the project, has provided free WiFi internet access to the Seattle Central District neighborhood. Unfortunately, the maintainer of the service, Matt Towers is moving and will be decommissioning the service some time in the latter part of this month. “I started this service because I feel that free, unfettered access to information is one of the best ways to galvanize a community. Central District News is an excellent example why it works. I hope another local resident will be able to continue offering the service.” said Towers.

Parties interested in starting a similar service are encouraged to contact the project for more information.

0 thoughts on “ WiFi Service Decommissioning

  1. How many of us knew there was free WiFi Internet service in the CD? I’m assuming it didn’t work very well.

  2. Sometimes it worked great. I made use a few weeks ago for a week and during the day it was great, but over the weekend and during some evenings it would disappear. I suppose it was too busy? I haven’t tried it again for the last 10 days or so. I live 6 or 7 blocks west of MLK close to Union.

    I really did appreciated it during the week that I needed it.
    Thank you.

  3. Good stuff you are doing and great work. Maybe we can also get computers in everyone’s hands. Bill Moyers speech at the National Conference for Media Reform. He talks about the role of the internet. Not sure if I liked what he said or was completely frightened. I agree that access to the web is becoming something necessary. Without it being available to everyone, I KNOW that at this moment I am more priviledged than others.