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CD Scanner – 6/3

It was a dark and rainy Tuesday…

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  1. I was one of the people who called 911. Police were on the scene in about a minute.

    No bullet holes were found anywhere, so it’s not clear what the dude was shooting at.

  2. I read some criticism of the scanner the other day and have to say that this type of on the spot, min-by-min update is why the Scanner ROCKS.

    Seriously, this is a public safety tool. If a resident and their kids were planning to go to this area and SPD had not put folks in custody, it’s a great tool to help families understand the threats out there.

  3. There was a shooting at 19th & Jefferson on Friday around 8p.m. Police and FBI responded. Street was closed. This was not listed on this site.

  4. Thanks – we only listen to the scanner during the daytime, so there’s definitely things we miss. But remember that this is a community-generated site, so please join the site and post your own stories when you know something that we don’t.

    We heard a brief mention of another shooting on the radio, but didn’t know the time or place. It sounds like police think the two incidents might be related, and the additional damage mentioned in the 11:53am update is probably from that Friday event.

  5. The FBI is working with SPD as part of the Violent Gang Task Force program:

  6. What criticism did you read?

    The scanner is definitely cool, and I read it every day. I must say, however, that it’s depressing. Also, I’m also a bit worried about the effect of this very public crime log on property values around here.

  7. On 5/30s CD Scanner someone was complaining that they didn’t see the need to report on every disturbance. Some even mentioned eliminating the scanner portion of the CD News all together.

    I think that the current CD Scanner is providing a great service to our neighborhood.

    Living in the city is not just Farmer’s Markets and Community Yard Sales. The scanner makes us aware of things to look for. It identifies patterns. Most of all, it makes us talk about the unsavory aspects of our neighborhood instead of ignoring them. That is a great first step to solving these problems.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. This is the third shooting that i know of within the past week and a half within a four block radius of 19th and e jefferson. I’ve lived here on jefferson for 10 years and this kind of thing has been drastically reduced until this latest splurge. What gives? Police have been great in reacting to calls.

  9. I also read the criticism the other day and I completely agree with you Elvis.

    I appreciate the scanner and the constant updating of information contained with-in it.

  10. I agree. It has been very quiet until recently. I believe that the activity comes from one house — on 19th between Alder & Jefferson — depending on whether the family members are in jail or not.

  11. keep the crime reports! you really cant find out what’s going on in your own backyard, even when its happening!
    there’s too much drug related crime by in the 17-20th ave on alder. gotta keep up to date on what happening outside before you go out. thanks for posting.

  12. The scanner must stay!!! It is the highlight of this site. Without it we are mushrooms (fed …. and kept in the dark).

    Thanks for your really great work. This site is a great asset to the CD and all who live here!

  13. The suggestion that the scanner portion of the CD news not be included in the featured story portion of the Central District News is not a statement against carrying it. Too many people peruse it and use it to eliminate it. As a daily account it tends to dominate the featured story page. Intellectually, I hope we all agree that all the SPD precincts include daily reports of disturbing happenings and if featured daily to represent any neighborhood would highlight the crime of the area, thus dominating the news of the area.

    All concerns would be served if the scanner portion had it’s own easily found and accessible place separate from the featured stories in the Central District News. If a crime merited a featured story, certainly, that one crime could be on the featured story page.

  14. the fact that we, as a community, seem to take this shit lying down.

    pardon my language, but I think we are, collectively, apathetic about the crime in our neighborhood. I am lucky in that most of this stuff is 7-9 blocks away, but it’s close enough that it makes me mad and makes me want to join with my neighbors to do something. Yet, we all go to these meetings and our prime goal is to walk away in agreement and not offend anybody. The Seattle Way–talk and talk and never offend.

    At what point do we rally real political pressure on elected officials to put more $ into police, put more $ into youth programs, put more time and effort into rallying the community–not just the new white folks–against this crazy violence?

    I am not pointing fingers as I am just as guilty as the rest, but the general passive response to these crimes worries me.

    And yes, I am worried deeply about the reputation of this neighborhood and what that means to my home value.

  15. I must admit I am addicted to the CD scanner. It really is an excellent service. So thanks for your efforts.

    Nonetheless it depresses me hugely. One antidote was to check other neighborhoods’ scanners, and lo, if West Seattle’s wasn’t just as horrid if not more so. I was looking for a Queen Anne scan with no luck, but you just know there’ trouble there, they just hide it well.

    The upshot is that there is all kinds of aggravation everywhere at all times. The problem with the CD is that it seems persistent and violent. Will this change when Garfield High opens? When more people move in to the new town houses, etc? When more people friendly business opens in derelict buildings? When we have a beautiful new President? When gas prices go down? When the war’s over? YES!!!!!

  16. I see plenty of intersections here that are First Hill, Capitol Hill, Judkins Park, etc. The Central District is from 12th Avenue east to MLK and Madison south to Jackson. So many things we read about are outside our actual area. I know some people try to say the CD is larger, but I’ve called the P-I on this time and again…their own webtown for the CD lists these very boundaries.

  17. I want all the Wood Craft Saturday Market Listings on their own tab too. I don’t want people to think that the CD is just all about wood craft markets because they see it on the “Featured News” page.


  18. I find the constant focus on crime to be obnoxious. No one is “ignoring” crime – in fact all I ever hear about the C.D. is “Oh, man, that’s such a tough neighborhood.” The point is that a neighborhood often lives up to the reputation it has. If we continue to focus on crime and put so much emphasis on tracking every little bad thing that happens in our neighborhood, we are spending time focusing on the negative instead of on the positive.

    I’m not against having a story or two about a major incident. My complaint is that we have a regular CD Scanner entry. It’s enough to make me stop reading this blog – it isn’t reflective of what “I” think is important discussion about community, and it comes off as a bunch of white yuppies worried about their safety in the “scary” Central District.

    Just being honest.

  19. You’re exactly right – a lot of this crime happens outside of the CD. But this blog is for people who LIVE in the CD. And a lot of people moving into the CD have this gentification pride of moving into the “bad” neighborhood. I’ve heard so many people comment that they “moved into the hood” so they could afford a house. What exactly constitutes a “hood”? I’ll let everyone else figure that out.

    I am not apathetic to crime. I believe we fight crime most effectively by investing in our neighbors, getting to know them, being available and setting a positive example. This is opposed to sitting in our respective houses on the internet writing about all the apparently non-human “crack heads” or “gang members” or “others” in our community. How many of us have actually taken the time to meet our neighbors or invite them over for dinner?

  20. Crack-heads and gang members are not human. They have abdicated their humanity in order to commit selfish crimes. You invite the crack-head gang members over to YOUR house for dinner, I have much better things to do, thanks. Give us a report on your next crack-head gang member dinner party please, I would love to hear about how awesome that turns out for you… probably not so great, unless you are a crack-head gang member yourself, which is possible, since you defend them so much.

  21. Demetriturds,
    Thanks again for your comments. I’m wondering, where does the human/non-human divide occur?
    My neighbor across the street, who has been struggling with an addiction with alcohol and crack for over 15 years, came over for dinner and tea tonight. I’m not intending this to be a smart remark to your comment: “You invite the crack-head gang members over to YOUR house for dinner, I have much better things to do, thanks.” But I can tell you more about what it’s like to be friends with someone who struggles with an addiction if you’d like to know. Perhaps you’ve never had to deal with a struggle before? Or never had a family member or friend that has struggled with an addiction?

    My older brother struggled with a drug addiction for over 8 years. After several attempts, and the help of his family and of strangers, he completed a series of community programs including AA and NA that led him to be clean. He’s now been clean for over 10 years, and serves as a substance abuse counselor for others. His life has been changed, and his community improved, because of the help and support he received.

    So while I must admit that I have never had a crack addiction (I prefer to say someone has an addiction than to say that it is their identity – I’m assuming that you would prefer to say that you have lied than to always be referred to as a liar, right?) – I can say with confidence that engaging with struggling and hurting people turns out to be something that makes my life better, and makes my community better.

    But perhaps I can persuade you that the world might be a better place if you had a little more concern for others in your heart. I believe that people like you, who claim that they do not care for their fellow neighbor, suffer a sickness of selfishness that is more inhumane than that of the “crack-head” and “gang member.” But, like my neighbor who struggles with addictions with substances, I believe your sickness is an addiction with yourself.

    But, let’s not continue this banter, shall we? I’m happy to meet for tea and get to know you as well. You are after all, my neighbor.

  22. The official Seattle neighborhood map shows that the Central Area is bounded by 12th on the west, by Madison on the north, by Rainier on the south, and by Lake Washington on the east (and MLK, but only south of Yesler). The “Central District” is an informal construction. Its boundaries are not well defined. Most people I know consider the CD to include Leschi, Judkins Park and portions of the ID, but not Madison Valley or Madrona west of 34th.

    More importantly, Cap Hill and First Hill and the CD are so small and close to each other that major events in each neighborhood impact the others. According to your definition I don’t live in the CD because I’m a bit east of MLK. However, my block was among those targeted by the burglars who were recently caught as reported by this blog. The scanner reports helped me and my neighbors identify the pattern and take preventative action. Two houses were broken into but there could have been more if we weren’t aware of what was going on.