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CD Scanner – 6/25

These sunny, blue sky Seattle days almost make the wet winters worth it.  From Wednesday, June 25th:

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  1. 6 shots were heard near 26th and Judkins (hard to tell exactly where) and police sirens about 3 min later – any news? another drive by??

  2. No info on that one. But we are getting police reports now, so we’ll keep an eye out for it (could be several days before we get that report)

  3. Please do follow up on this, even if it takes a few/several days. So close to last week’s…

  4. Union Market has been the magnet for open drug dealing even since before the demise of the Deano’s/Chocolate City corner. Any time night or day you can find people outside dealing. Most extraordinary is that that whole intersection seems invisible to the police. It is the quintessential ghetto market.