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CD Scanner – 6/12

It Thursday, June 12th, and we’re still on the lookout for some summer sun. Here’s what’s shaking on the scanner (unusually quiet so far):

0 thoughts on “CD Scanner – 6/12

  1. An assault in what I call Ghettoway (bad deli, rotten out of date meat etc. etc.) and an elderly man who was assaulted waited over an hour and no cop came!!??!!
    What a outrage. This is not boreing this is “containment zone” treatment.

  2. A friend of mine got sick from eating the olives at the salad bar there. Their meats always seem to smell funny. But they do have good prices on fruits and veggies. I can’t imagine having to spend 1.5 hours in there, though!

  3. Some of us have nowhere else to shop. :-( I stick to prepackaged foods, and there’s only one day a week when the bell peppers are worth paying for. Once a month lean ground turkey makes an appearance.

    It turns shopping into more of an adventure. You feel rewarded for gathering good stuff.

  4. Prepackaged is the way to go. Only look at the mister nozzles in produce if you want to remind yourself why NOT to buy fresh food there.