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CD Bandstand

While walking the dog around the neighborhood last night, we came across some rock’n sounds coming from a house near 20th & Columbia.  And it made me wonder:  who is this mystery garage band and where can I hear them play for real?

And I imagine that we’ve got a lot of other talented musicians in the neighborhood.   Our ads have allowed me to discover a cool local singer-songwriter.  And after all, we’ve got a history of it, with Quincy Jones growing up right over by Garfield.   

So local bands, speak up in the comments below.  Drop in a link to your MySpace page and let us know when we can go hear you play.

0 thoughts on “CD Bandstand


    The demos up there are unfinished, but you get the idea.
    If you’re a bass player, we need you!

    (Hi Karen!)

  2. I have 1000 pressed and printed CDs from my former band taking up space in my garage. Does anyone need some coasters?

  3. Ive got some demos up here currently working on my Debut CD….
    I’m so new I havent even started booking my act yet!
    wish me luck ….