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Capitol Hill Throws Down Gauntlet Over Radio Point

Actually, it’s good news for us. We are prepared to share, but it appears that Capitol Hill wants complete loyalty?

0 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Throws Down Gauntlet Over Radio Point

  1. as far as I understand it CHS just wants to map all of the sub-hoods its contributors write about. It’s not an exercise in defining the boundary between the Hill and the CD. If people in that area want to contribute to CHS then fine, if not, also OK

  2. no — they are correct to be on defensive. Today Radio Point, tomorrow, Squire Park. But you can keep Madison Valley.

  3. I live in Capitol Hill and have to admit I don’t consider “Radio Point” part of our hood. I am still new to Seattle but I sort of thought Cap Hill didn’t cross Madison. Wassup with that?

  4. They must call themselves the north central district or else. I have it on positive authority and sat. photos that Capitol Hill has has a weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) program to take out the CD . I suggest we build a wall on Madison and attack if they do not verify and destroy all WMD’s!!!

    PS Chevron says there’s oil under Cal Anderson Park.

  5. Well…First Hill seems to want to creep into Squire Park, its not Cap Hill no way. Whats wrong with Mad Valley? We are a friendly, sleepy little burg. Some of my neighbors consider themselves on the ‘backside’ of Cap Hill and they sure do walk up there to party alot. But I guess we are, as a friend who lives over near I5 says, too ‘suburban’.