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Can the Postal Carrier Make This Happen?

I’d just want him to stop delivering those annoying “courtesy” checks from CitiBank. (Mailbox at home near 22nd and Marion.)

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  1. So… does anyone know if there are people living there now?
    That house seems to be abandoned off and on and really looks like it is uninhabitable. Or at least used to. I remember seeing the windows to the top floor busted out and could only imagine the shape of the interior based on the looks of the exterior.
    I have thought that the mailbox was pretty darn funny though. :)
    Oh and the “Nemo” like inflatable fish on the front porch, or the suprising number of door pulls on the front door…

    I’d like to know the story of that house.

  2. I think it’s actively inhabited, but without electricity. It’s been that way since a major fire struck it 4.5 years ago. The residents are of an extreme artistic/eclectic variety (and evidently very tolerant to a lack of modern conveniences).

  3. The guy is a little “out there” (well, more than a little), has a nice Pom/Chow-like dog named Rusty that he sometimes goes around hollering for, but he’s friendly enough and seems to be harmless. There were squatters in house for awhile and one of the neighbors reported them to the health dept., since there were no utilities to the house at all (no sanitation), not sure if he was there at the same time, but I believe he’s the actual owner.

    I heard a rumor that he was from one of the local wealthy families…I’d love to know the whole story. I feel bad for the little house…it could be adorable.

  4. this is what I have heard………the house is owned by the Diamond family (pay to park lots in Seattle). the guy squatting is Cyrus (harmless and friendly) and is a pretty permanant resident with an eclectic crew of friends in and out. They used to have some pretty big rave type parties but not in sometime. The dog Rusty is a menace and has attacked our dogs numerous times while on walks so be cautious. Would love to see positive happen to the house, time will tell!

  5. When I’ve walked by with my dog, both the people and the dog have been very nice. That mailbox makes me smile everytime I see it. Neighborhoods need eclectic types, it’s what makes living here better than bellevue…