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Your Weekend Plans

It’s a busy weekend here in the neighborhood. Winter hibernation is over and there’s actually organized events being held outdoors. Get out there and enjoy it:

How about starting the weekend with a beer, pizza, and love struck cowboys? Brokeback Mountain is playing at 7pm and 10pm at Central Cinema

Saturday morning has a good opportunity to get out, meet some neighbors, and give back to the community. Just head over to the 15th Ave Street Sweep at 10am and help clean up 15th Ave between Denny and Roy. And yes, this is technically Capitol Hill, but I know you’ve been to the restaurants up there, so it’s OK to claim it as part of our larger neighborhood family.

Next up is the grand-reopening of the Madrona Library at noon on Saturday. Go to see the dignitaries. Stay for the food…

Pissed about our pedestrian problems? Perhaps you want to put in a plug for a 2-lane 23rd Ave? Then meet up with your neighbors for Seattle Walks Day. They’ll be meeting at 23rd & Union at 1:30 for a walking tour of the neighborhood, taking pictures and making notes of what needs fixin’ along the way.

And finally, load up the kids to check out the fun at the annual carnival held by the Islamic School of Seattle. They’re promising food, games, crafts, and pony rides (when was the last time you rode a pony?). And I know that several local organizations will have booths set up, so it’ll be a good way to check out what’s going on around the neighborhood too.

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  1. If you follow the link to the SDOT site to get your survey forms [to fill out while you walk], you find an E-mail address for somebody who will MAIL you the forms. Given that this was included in Jan Drago’s Press Release dated yesterday, it places tremendous faith in the speed of the USPS!

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow’s walk! Hope this beautiful weather holds up.